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                         The Sweetest Zumba Classes you'll ever take!

Since Apr 2014

1) Why do you like this Zumba class compared to other Zumba classes? If this is the only Zumba class you've taken, why do you like this class so much?

2) What is it that makes you come back?

Jessica - Member since September 2014

1) This is only the second Zumba class that I have taken. I will say that I love this class, because it's taught by such a goofy and normal instructor. She is a down to earth person that people can relate too.

2) I absolutely love Maple's class! She isn't afraid to make you sweat, laugh and work until you're almost mad at her.

The atmosphere is great! There is no judgment on anyone's ability or inability to dance or stay on rhythm. If you mess up, you laugh it off and keep moving. I also love that women of all shapes, sizes and colors attend the class. It makes me feel better knowing as a larger woman, I can stand in the front row without feeling ashamed about my size.

Krystal - Member since September 2014

1) This is my first Zumba class in the USA. Maple is a good instructor! I love her infectious energy, and her passion. She encourages you to do your best in each song. The music and choreography are great. It's an exciting way to keep fit.

2) I like coming to class knowing that I'm going to have a great time and get a workout. Smiles and bouts of laughter are common, and there are no mistakes or wrong moves. The only rule is to keep moving. You should try it. I promise you won't regret it. It is bloody fun!

Toby - Member since November 2014

1) This is the first Zumba class I've ever taken. I love taking Zumba with Maple! I have never been big on organized exercise, but I love dancing and Maple makes the class not feel like work but fun.

2) I keep coming back because I love the energy that Maple brings to the class. I feel great and I have a ton of fun doing it!

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